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To give you an overview of what Healy can do for you, and to enable you to only buy what you really need, we have organized Healy’s fields of application into different program pages, covering various aspects of your well-being. Each program page contains a number of programs for a specific application field, e.g. “Bioenergetic Balance” or “Meridians”.

In addition to that, you can choose one of several Healy packages. Each Healy Wellness Edition consists of the Healy hardware and a group of programs for a specific application field. Of course you can add more program pages to your Healy at any time should your needs change.

Programs for Energetic Balance · Wellbeing


Healy is meant to help you achieve your athletic goals


Healy is intended to bioenergetically support your inner and outer beauty 


Healy is designed to bioenergetically support your skin through special applications

Local Stimulation

Healy is designed to provide you with programs for a variety of local and systemic bioenergetic imbalances.

Bioenergetic balance

Healy is designed to promote the bioenergetic balance of your organs and balance disturbances in your energy field.

Protection Programs

Using the Healy application shall promote your bioenergetic balance, vitality and wellbeing.


Healy helps you get better rest and sounder sleep through relaxation.

Mental Balance

Healy aims to support you in regaining emotional and mental balance.


Healy helps you focus when you really need to.


Relaxation and resistance to stress are reinforced by the Healy applications.

Gold Cycle

Healy is designed to help you feel fit and balanced


Healy should help improve the flow of your life energy


Healy is designed to help you activate and harmonize your energy centers

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Healy is a compact and reliable companion to help you cope with the challenges of life. For energetic wellbeing, for balance, whatever your goal is, Healy is there for you!

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